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We take your parts and give them a complete sandblasting treatment. You can bring them in any condition, we can even do some tear down and reassembly if needed.

Powder Coating

If you have anything with old tired looking paint we can bring it back to life with a new powder coat. There are almost an unlimited color choice to match your old color or your favorite dream color.

Ceramic Coating

This is the greatest thing to happen to exhaust, parts and engine block that are heat sensitive and require special treatment.

Clear Coat / Two Tone Colors
If you need something special or want to make it look better than new we can add colors and put on a clear coat to make the shine really pop.

Extra Services Pricing
Clear Coating ..........add 30% to coating price
Primer .....................add 30% to coating price
Two-Tone.................add 30% to coating price
Specialty Masking....add 30% to coating price

Price List

Ceramic Coat Prices Powder Coat Prices
Turbo Units $75.00 Sway Bars $40.00 - $60.00
Single Pipes System $250.00 Control Arms $40.00
Dual Pipes System $275.00 Brake Calipers $50.00
Triple Pipes System $350.00 Brake Bracket $15.00
V8 Headers $325.00 Pair Rotors $40.00 - $60.00
Shortie Headers $225.00 Pair Intake manifold $75.00
Sidepipes Cobra $450.00 Valve Covers 4Cyl $60.00
Headers Cobra $250.00 Valve Covers 6Cyl $70.00
Sidepipes & Headers $650.00 Valve Covers 8Cyl $80.00
6 Cyl Headers $275.00 Wheels 13" - 19" $70.00 -$100.00
6 Cyl Shorties $225.00 Motorcycle Wheels $65.00
Cast Manifold $225.00 + Pair Motorcycle Frame $200.00 +
4 Cyl Headers $225.00 + Bicycle Frame $100.00
4 Cyl Small Header $150.00 Bicycle Fork $25.00
4 into 1 Bike Headers $225.00 + Bicycle Parts $15.00 & up
Lg Tube Bike Headers $325.00 + Pair Complete Engine $570.00 +

All prices are only suggested we can't give final pricing till we see your job in person.